Present Time Consciousness Stickers


If you know yourself well enough to admit that you’re sidetracked by shiny objects, the phone ringing, eavesdropping in on conversations at the front desk or countless other distractions, growing your practice starts here!

The most effective healers have acquired the skill of being 100% present when they are with patients. It is a skill. And it is acquired.

PTC Stickers are helpful when mastering this valuable skill. The clock face without hands is the perfect reminder to jettison unhelpful thoughts, distractions and bring your focus back to the patient.

Each individual sticker measures ¾” in diameter. Apply them to places around your adjusting room, report of findings area or even to travel cards.

Why no hands on the clock face?

Athletes call it being in the “zone.” Mihaly Czikszentmihalyi calls it “flow” and devoted an entire book to it, Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience. Eckhart Tolle refers to it as being fully present. Whatever the name, the sense of time vanishes and total absorption in the moment takes over. It’s the key to peak performance and maximum healing consciousness.

Being fully present is how the busiest chiropractors are able to have what some would consider brief office visits, yet enjoy the adoration and appreciation of patients. (When you increase intensity, you can reduce time.)

Remember, guilt is about the past. Fear is about the future. And power, influence and problem-solving are only possible in the present!

Present Time Consciousness Stickers
Sheet of 10 Adhesive Stickers
¾” in Diameter

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