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This tranquil image is combined with a simple but true observation: "Your health affects everything you do and everyone you know."

It's a simple but arresting message chosen to improve reactivations. There's a Zen-like quality that is the perfect setting for your reactivation message.

We've pre-printed this stock message on the address side:

Your health is your most valuable possession. Let us help you be the loving parent, the responsive spouse or the dependable employee. It's time to invest in yourself with chiropractic care - you're worth it!

Or have us imprint your own message or special offer. Put away your rubber stamp and have us add your logo and return address. Or if you're sending more than 500 pieces, we can imprint the postage indicia of your mailing facility.

Unsure what to write on a chiropractic reactivation postcard? A quick sentence can improve response. Here are some ideas.

Coordinates with our Pond Poster.

Pond Reactivation postcards
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