Planner Inside Look


Amazingly Easy to Use!

Here's a typical week-at-a-glance spread in the 2016 Practice Planner.

one.jpgEach week receive a new question to ask patients. Invoke this simple Socratic strategy and unleash the full potential of adjusting room conversations. Better understand patients and enjoy greater influence.

two.jpgKeep your "To Do List" front and center. Work on your practice, not merely in it! Just one or two things each week can make a huge difference over an entire year. Keep new projects front and center.

three.jpgEven more important than doing is being. Target three ways of being this week that will help advance your practice and self development. (Over 130 suggestions included in the appendix.)

four.jpgKeep your qualitative statistics here. Each Monday evaluate yourself in these three areas on a scale of 1 to 10. Head off practice volume issues long before they affect your bottom line.

five.jpgUse this space to make a quick journal entry, record a "thot flash" or some other insight. Just a short word, phrase or sketch can capture the idea forever. Don't let one genuis idea slip away.

six.jpgEach week you'll read an inspiration success quote. From Aristotle to Zig Ziglar and Dale Carnegie to Dr. Seuss and read Bill's commentary that applies it to chiropractic practice.

seven.jpgNational holidays and important dates in chiropractic history are listed throughout the year. Be mindful of major holidays around the world and plan your promotions and practice hours accordingly.

eight.jpgCut the corner with each passing week. Make it easier to find the current week as the year progresses.

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2016 Practice Planner
138 pages
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