Patient's Point of View Book Set


If you graduated since 1991, you may have read the first or second installment of this ten-part series (The Report of Findings is out of print and not included). Complete your library and see how the saga turns out!

Each chapter in each book is a focused exploration of the many facets of the doctor/patient relationship—from a patient's-point-of-view. If you want to better understand patients, predict their behavior, inspire, lead and attract even more of them, this is essential reading!

Each chapter is a short four or five pages you can read in 10 minutes or less. You'll laugh. You'll cry. You'll blush. You'll gain a new understanding of what makes patients tick and how to play a more influential role in their lives. Get your highlighter ready and order the set of all 10 books that are still in print and save!

Patient's Point of View Book Set
All 10 books sold as a set

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