A printed chiropractic newsletter, mailed to active and inactive patients, is a proven way to cultivate reactivations and stimulate referrals. This simple chiropractic marketing overture is seen as professional, credible and frankly, expected.

Before you depend solely on an emailed patient newsletter, consider the benefits of printed newsletter delivered to your patients by an agent of the federal government.

  1. A printed newsletter connects with patients. Emailed newsletters are easy to ignore.
  2. Printed newsletters get delivered. Patients constantly change their email address.
  3. A printed newsletter can contain coupons and special reactivation offers.
  4. Snail mailed patient newsletters are easier to read than a low-resolution screen.
  5. A printed newsletter is portable and can be taken and shared anywhere.
  6. Printed patient newsletters reach the entire household posted to the refrigerator.
  7. Printed newsletters are a time-tested and professional way to reach your patients.

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