Patient-Centered Coaching

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Over the years many have urged me to provide chiropractic coaching. I've resisted this for several reasons. Some personal. Some professional.

With time, some of these barriers have lifted. Which has got me thinking.

Would something like this be compelling?

Patient's point of view – This is the major differentiator. Most chiropractic coaching programs are based on the "do it the way I did it" method. But since I'm a patient, we'll take a more consumer-centered approach. I'll assume you can adjust and keep adequate records to satisfy your board. Everything else is about you and your relationships with patients and staff. This will be our focus.

One-year program – I sense that many coaching programs can become parasitic, exploiting the vulnerabilities of many chiropractors. If you don't see sustainable changes in a couple of months, than it's not a good fit. Let's part company. I don't want to create a dependency or be a "tax" on your practice. And if I can't help you in a year, another year is likely a waste of money.

Self-paced – This is for grown ups. By now you realize that you get out of something pretty much what you're willing to put into it. You'll be watching short videos, reading blog posts, journaling and trying out new ideas. There will be enough accountability to keep you on course and support you as you make the shift in headspace. If you have the habit of bailing when things get difficult, this may not be for you.

Small group - We'll go deep rather than wide. Since we'll be traveling fast, ours will be a small group. Probably fewer than 10-15 chiropractors. You'll know everyone and we can get a lot of work done.

Monthly video check-ins – We'll all get together at least once a month by video. This check-in is for troubleshooting and celebrating your wins. Learn from the collected wisdom of fellow travelers on the journey. Try out your learnings. Share your breakthroughs and breakdowns.

Affordable fee – The investment will be large enough to keep you engaged and do the work, but not so large as to appropriate your increased income. A one-page contract will protect our respective confidentialities and explain our month-to-month agreement. If what I'm proposing is unhelpful or you don't want to do the work, exit when you see fit.

Personal development – Your practice will grow only as you do. Naturally, there will be some procedural or communication nuances that will improve your bottom line. But lasting practice growth will come from a new emotional resiliency and attending to the spiritual (not religious) aspects of being a professional caregiver. As you change, the world will change.

What success looks like – Every participant will have a uniquely different outcome. For some, earning a professional income is what they want. Others will achieve a sense of ease and joy in their practice they've never had. Still others will find working less and having more family time is the return they seek.

If this sounds appealing, please express your interest below. Naturally, there's no obligation.

If I choose to go forward with some type of Patient-Centered Coaching offering I'll email you with specifics and an invitation to enroll.