Patch or Fix Brochure Implementation

Implementation of the Patch or Fix Brochure

Chiropractic Patch or Fix Brochure CoverBefore implementing any of these suggestions, be sure to either imprint the backside of the brochure with a high quality rubber stamp or a clear adhesive label.

Read the brochure.

Idea #1

Pick an office visit, we recommend the 6th, in which to present a copy to the patient. By the 6th visit patients are showing enough progress that chiropractic is valid, but they probably have their eye on the door.

The strategy is to foreshadow their impending decision by using the rationale in this third party tool to explain the consequences of their culturally-induced notion to discontinue care once they feel better.

The front desk CA presents the brochure at the end of the visit by saying, "The doctor would like you to consider some of the options explained in this brochure and discuss them on your next visit."

Idea #2

If you prefer not to present this brochure personally, mail the brochure to patients with a cover letter, so it arrives during the third week of their care. Here's some suggested text you can copy and paste to get you started:

Dear (Patient),

You're showing great improvement! You're probably wondering how much longer you're going to need chiropractic care. It's a common question that many of our patients ask at this point in their recovery.

If you simply "patch" your problem by discontinuing your care as soon as you feel better, you'll be at risk for an unpredictable relapse. That’s because the lasting healing of muscles and soft tissues occur with continued care after symptoms subside.

Or you could choose to "fix" your problem. Many patients wisely choose this path (especially after their second or third episode of chiropractic care). Today, with your recovery well under way, you have achieved a great foundation for more complete and lasting healing.

Here's some material to help you make an informed decision. Please remember, whatever your choice, we're here to honor your health goals and serve you in the way you wish to be served.

Yours in health,

Idea #3

If the patient is relying on the generosity of their insurance carrier, open the brochure up to the center-right spread and in front of the patient highlight the entire second paragraph.

Idea #4

If, due to a patient's comment, overall health attitude or some other clue, you get the sense that they are likely to discontinue care prematurely, use a red pen and in front of the patient underline the first sentence on the back of the brochure that reads, 'We've seen some of our patients discontinue their care and then later suffer a relapse.'

"I'm underlining this so if, or when, you should experience a return of your problem, I hope you'll feel comfortable giving us a call."

Do this before presenting the patient with the brochure--not as an attempt to reverse their intentions, but to play the "long game" and plant the seed that a subsequent relapse, months or years, later isn't the fault of chiropractic, and that you graciously accept the return of such patients without judgment.

Idea #5

At the very least, place it in your brochure rack so interested individuals can take and read!

Purchase the brochure.