Monthly Check-Ins

Monthly Group Coaching Check-Ins

The curriculum of weekly Exercises provokes new ways of seeing yourself, your practice and patients. The weekly cadence gives you time to fully process and integrate these new perspectives and personal insights.

zoom-check-in.jpgNaturally, embracing a new perspective raises questions.

“Yeah, but what about…”
“Fascinating, but how do I…”
“What should I do if…”
“But what if the patient…”
“I was always taught to…”

Get your questions addressed during the group coaching calls on the first Tuesday of each month at 9:00 PM Eastern.

Share Your Breakthroughs… and Breakdowns

Each month we’ll get together to field questions and share observations. You’ll look forward to these monthly gatherings. (If you're new to video meetings, here are some helpful suggestions.)

Even if you don’t have a question, you’re sure to pick up some valuable distinctions from simply being in community.

These live, interactive sessions alone are worth your enrollment fee. Not only will you get your questions answered, you’ll learn from others who are on the same journey—some ahead of you, and some behind you.

Get unstuck. Solicit guidance. Share what showed up for you during one of the Exercises. Celebrate an encouraging win. You’ll find this special hour inspiring and well worth the 60-minute investment.

Ready to get started?

Submit Your Questions In Advance

You and the other participants set the agenda of each monthly Check-In.

Submit your question in advance via voice mail by using your phone or computer. Or send an email. The most helpful questions will be chosen for inclusion in the next Check-In. Or I'll answer your question privately by email. (If you prefer to remain anonymous, simply ask that your name be withheld.)

After a brief opening monologue, I’ll address the questions selected for the evening. If time permits, the floor will be opened for those who want to follow up with a question or comment. You’ll find the format relevant, practical and fast-moving.

A Community of Growth-Minded Chiropractors

It’s this personal touch, combined with the community support, that delivers powerful insights and lasting mindset changes.

Competitors, skeptics or naysayers won’t be on our call. Only those who are coachable and want success—for you and themselves. No hot seat. No finger pointing. No shame.

We all want to get better.

If that’s you, get started today.