Making Change


The patient's point of view expressed in this volume will give you a fresh look at the topics of managed care, financial policy, patient guarantees, and as always, the "head space" needed to grow your practice. The Insurance Era isn't coming back! Use this vital information to forge new strategies for the future. Includes 43 stimulating chapters.

  • The three ways to increase your income (page 17)
  • Why lowering fees doesn't work (page 67)
  • The new patient guarantee (page 97)
  • Non-clinical questions to ask patients (page 131)
  • When patient education doesn't work (page 153)
  • The "prime time" threat to your practice (page 199)
  • What to ask before another seminar (page 211)

Making Change
Still More Observations of a Chiropractic Advocate
Foreword by Bruce Bumgardner, DC
Introduction by Greg Stanley
Originally published 1995
240 Pages

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