Looking Up


The most recent installment in the Patient's Point of View series takes on a more optimistic tone. Mr. Esteb's observations in this volume provide dozens of action steps to capitalize on the tremendous opportunities that await those in alternative health care. As the medical model continues to crumble, it's time to go boldly, proclaiming the truth that today's patients are looking for and ready to hear.

  • Seven "pre-existing" patient conditions (page 15)
  • Four ways to change patient behavior (page 57)
  • The battle between blood and nerves (page 63)
  • Five things patients want in your office (page 103)
  • How you attract irresponsible patients (page 131)
  • Six things patients need to know (page 173)
  • When patients talk about symptoms (page 207)

Looking Up
Relentless Observations of a Chiropractic Advocate
Foreword by Rob Jackson, DC
Introduction by Ngaire Cannon
Originally published 1998
240 Pages

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In the 19th century, Guillaume wrote:

' "Come to the edge," he said. They said, "We are afraid." "Come to the edge," he said. They came. He pushed. They flew.'

More than any book I have read recently, Looking Up, the seventh book by Bill Esteb in the chiropractic advocate series, draws you inexorably to the edge.

Not every reader will be comfortable with the ideas Bill presents, or accepting of the rationale behind his thinking. However, few chiropractors will deny that, 103 years after D. D. Palmer gave the first adjustment, chiropractic is at the crossroads and our health profession is threatened as never before.

That's why Bill's book is so timely.

In his chapter entitled "How to Change the World" he writes, 'Probably the most challenging, yet potentially rewarding dimension of serving patients is being an instrument in changing a patient's unhealthy behavior.' In Looking Up, this extraordinary writer sets out to encourage us to change our own unhealthy behaviors (attitudes) and take positive steps towards ensuring chiropractic's rightful place in the health care marketplace, by first communicating the unvarnished truth about chiropractic to our patients.

As Bill guides us through the turbulence that surrounds chiropractic he exhorts us to be true to our higher purpose, to the chiropractic vision of health. He challenges us to stop thinking as victims and take a leadership stand. He dares us, as chiropractors, to be different and to march to the tune of our own drum. He offers an optimistic alternative to the intimidated, hope and encouragement to the weak-hearted, practical ideas, action steps and implementation procedures for the proactive many who are ready to take up his challenge.

Bill Esteb has a big vision for chiropractic. He wants to change the healing consciousness of the world, and bring people into chiropractic with an understanding of the real value of lifetime wellness care. To achieve that, he believes that each doctor of chiropractic needs to 'own' and be able to effectively communicate the chiropractic difference, one-on-one, with their patients, to lead, motivate and inspire the patients so that they really "get it!"

Looking Up helps us do that, elegantly, powerfully and with fearless passion. So come to the edge and fly... upwards and on!

Ngaire Cannon
Cannon Communications
Hawthorn, Victoria