Let's Get Started Versions

Let's Get Started! Orientation Video Personalized for Practice

Patients learn chiropractic principles without the distractions of diagnostics, technique, procedures, personalities, gender or age. This will probably be the last patient education video you will ever need.

dvd-and-cd.jpgIf you used to employ video, but stopped, here are seven reasons to dust off your DVD player and provide every new patient a consistent introduction to chiropractic basics:

  • Engaging, patient-relevant content educates and informs
  • Each video is personalized for you and your practice
  • Integrates perfectly into a one- or two-visit protocol
  • Post on your website or stream on your practice computer
  • Make copies and send home with each new patient
  • Save time and shorten your consultations and reports
  • Proclaim the nervous system focus of chiropractic care

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Let's Get Started! Video
Reception Room DVD and Website Streaming Version
Male or female narrator
North American accent or Australian accent
3 minutes 46 seconds


North America | Male Narrator


North America | Female Narrator


Australia | Male Narrator


Australia | Female Narrator