Intelligent Choice Video Download


Makes Chiropractic Principles Come Alive

This powerful, three-minute video explains chiropractic without using technical terms, showing bones or adjusting techniques!

Guaranteed to stir your heart and bring a tear to your eye. It’s the perfect emotional closing for your lectures, playing at screenings, displaying on your website or showing in your reception room.

“I just got the Intelligent Choice and it is better than I remember! I immediately had my CA watch it with me. She cried. She couldn’t believe she cried over a chiropractic video! We both laughed, and can’t stop talking about how moving it is.” Dr. Katie Eslich, Essentials Chiropractic

The simple graphics, carefully selected words and stirring music communicate the majesty and meaning of chiropractic. The effect is touching and profound.

Intelligent Choice Video
Available as an instant digital download as a .mov file