Do Your Brochures Smear Your Good Name?

Put away your trusty rubber stamp! We can add your name and practice details on the backside to any of the 18 titles in our What Patients Want to Know brochure series.


  1. Purchase at least 4 pkgs of brochures in our Know series below. (Same or different titles.)

  2. Purchase Brochure Imprinting below and supply up-to-five lines of imprinting for the number of brochures you want to be imprinted. Upload your logo, if you wish. We will only print after you approve the proof.

NOTE: The three brochure packages offered -- 18 Brochure Starter Set (imprinted), Concepts Brochures Package (imprinted) and Symptoms Brochures Package (imprinted) already have the imprinting fee included.

Naturally, imprinting adds a couple of extra days to ship your order, but it gives your brochures an unbeatable professional look. Sorry, due to shipping costs this is for our United States customers only.