How Our Practice Works Poster


Effective patient leadership starts on the first visit, at your consultation.

Use this wall poster to set the stage for better patient follow through.

It's a checklist that lays the groundwork for maximum patient engagement:

  • Set appropriate expectations
  • Anticipate common questions
  • Clarify patient responsibilities
  • Install professional boundaries
  • Reduce misunderstandings
  • Increase patient participation
  • Systematize new patient onboarding

Neglect this 2½-minute orientation and new patients unfairly project their MD expectations onto you. Which means they:

  • Assume you’ll be treating their symptoms
  • Think you’re merely a back doctor
  • Expect you to do all the heavy lifting
  • Imagine you control their recovery speed
  • Believe it will only require a few of visits

Review this poster at your consultation. Or use the take home handout at your report of findings. Or both.

Notice patients are more engaged. They’re more responsible, becoming partners in their care.

Which means less stress, better results, and greater patient satisfaction.

Mount this wall poster where you can refer to it on future visits.

The suggested scripting makes it easy, even fun, to implement.


How Our Practice Works Poster
18" X 24"
Laminated add $5.00

How Our Practice Works

 1. Chiropractic is different from medicine.

 2. Health, ease and well-being are normal.

 3. Your nervous system controls everything.

 4. Stress can overload your nervous system.

 5. This can produce vertebral subluxation.

 6. We will conduct a thorough examination.

 7. We’ll explain our findings in plain language.

 8. A series of adjustments will be necessary.

 9. Adjustments do not treat your symptoms.

10. Consistent visits help retrain your spine.

11. You control the speed of your recovery.

12. Choose wellness care to avoid a relapse.