How Our Practice Works Poster


Consultation Checklist Keeps You on Track

Set appropriate patient expectations by using this simple checklist at your consultation.

Skip this and patients project medical doctor expectations onto you. Which means they expect you to do all the work, producing a speedy recovery without them lifting a finger.

If that feels burdensome—it's because it is!

Instead, proudly explain how chiropractic care differs from medical treatment:

  • Eliminate their medical treatment expectations
  • Establish clearer doctor/patient boundaries
  • Anticipate and neutralize common question
  • Make the onboarding process consistent
  • Systematize your patient communications

Field Patient Questions With Ease

After reviewing it, or the take home handout during your consultation, mount this wall poster where you can refer to it on future visits.

"Why are you adjusting my neck, when it's my lower back that hurts?" asks a patient.

Going over to the poster you point to line number 9. "Remember on your first visit how I explained that adjustments don't treat your symptoms?"

"I won't be able to make my Wednesday appointment," a patient confesses.

While pointing to number 10, "No problem, just remember that consistent visits are necessary to create the momentum necessary to make spinal changes."

"I kinda thought I'd be feeling better by now," the patient complains.

Referring to line number 11 you observe, "I did too. What types of physical, chemical or emotional stress might you be experiencing? Have you been drinking more water like we talked about?"

Cover these 12 points at your consultation. You'll experience the joy of engaged patients who become active partners in their care.

The happy result? Less pressure and more fun!

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How Our Practice Works Poster
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