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Quickly communicate the basics when accepting a new patient.

It’s when you have the greatest influence.

It’s the ideal time to acquaint new patients with the basics.

“Before we get started, there some things you should know about how our practice works.”

Then, review these 12 points, adding your unique perspective on each one. (Suggested scripting.)

Neglect this important step and you may recognize these familiar issues:

  • Patients tend to project their medical expectations onto you
  • They expect you to most of the work—they merely show up
  • Your “prescription” of visits controls the pace of their recovery

At its best, chiropractic care is a partnership. You have a job. And they have a job.

Use this patient take home piece to set the stage:

  • Proudly explain what makes chiropractic care different
  • Introduce the concept of vertebral subluxation
  • The nervous system focus of today’s chiropractic care
  • The importance of keeping their scheduled appointments
  • Foreshadow the value of opting for post-symptomatic care
  • Bring consistency to your new patient on boarding process
  • Notice a huge burden has been lifted from your shoulders

Preframe their experience and set appropriate expectations.

It only takes a couple of minutes to review—and sets the stage for turning patients into practice members.

The wall poster reminds patients on future visits.

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