How It All Started

To appreciate the intent behind this unique chiropractic coaching program, listen in on a conversation from 2002.

I had just come off the stage as a guest speaker for a popular practice management organization. During the post-seminar celebration with the company's president, I made an off-hand observation.

seminar-room.jpg“You know, it’s too bad that chiropractors who could benefit the most from your coaching program can’t afford your monthly fee,” I volunteered.

“If a chiropractor can’t afford our fee, we can’t help them,” he said matter-of-factly.



That 15-second exchange reverberated in my head for 20 years.

Since then, I’ve had private conversations with countless chiropractors before or after presenting at state association meetings or some other chiropractic gathering.

Many revealed in one way or another that they were facing a cruel headwind. The practice they yearned for seemed elusive. There was a hint of shame, a bit of sadness, frustration and fear.

suffering-chiropractor.jpgBecause worse than a patient who is suffering, is a chiropractor who is suffering!

It’s given me a heart for such chiropractors. Chiropractors who have had difficulty getting traction. Whose dreams have eluded them. Those often blessed with superb clinical skills and noble intentions—but inexplicably find themselves in an under-performing practice.

HeadSpace Coaching offers hope by delivering two critical distinctions:

1. Address wrongheaded beliefs – Our behaviors are always congruent with our beliefs. Focusing on procedures and statistics confuses effect with cause. Progress often requires abandoning unhelpful stories we've created to our circumstances and the behaviors of patients.

2. Affordably priced – By harnessing technology, I can make it available to any chiropractor seeking personal and professional growth. And by adding a money back guarantee, make enrollment risk-free. The modest monthly fee won't change my financial destiny—and shouldn't yours.

That's the backstory of HeadSpace Coaching.

But make no mistake, this is no walk in the park. It requires uncomfortable self-examination, the courage to confront limiting beliefs and a willingness to embrace new ways of seeing patients, practice and even yourself.

Maybe you’re already living the dream. Here's a way to get weekly reminders so you and your team can stay sharp. You’ll find the process affirming—even inspirational.

You simply need to get started and experience it for yourself.