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Whether you take assignment or not, this patient handout explains the realities of today’s "health insurance." Give patients a clearer understanding of deductibles, co-pays, medical necessity—and the severe limitations of their policy. 

With the confusion and ambiguity surrounding insurance coverage these days, having a concise written explanation clarifies the financial realities of their care. 

Unfortunately, far too many patients learn how skimpy their coverage is at the very moment they need it. That's why you need this powerful brochure to deliver the news and cushion the blow for you.

Use the simple fill-in-the-blank worksheet on the back panel to record their deductible, co-pay amounts and financial responsibility.

Don't let the profit motives of insurance carriers interfere with laying the groundwork for a long term relationship.

Add this essential handout to your new patient procedure today!

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Health Insurance
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