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Sample of Completed Examination FormReport of Findings Executive Summary

This essential form keeps you on track. It guides you through the vital elements of an effective report of findings.

Simply enter their name, date and reason(s) for consulting your practice. Check the exams you conducted and fill in the significant findings you found. List where you found the vertebral subluxation complex.

Use the posterior illustration to draw any postural distortions, scoliosis, high shoulder or uneven hips you found. Fill in your care plan and home care instructions. Be sure to schedule the date of their first progress exam. Rubber stamp, sticker or add your practice information at the bottom by running it through your computer printer.

This Exam Form Practically Gives Your Report for You!

When completed, your exam form might look similar to this example to the right. (Using a red pen increases the patient's attention and the significance of your findings and recommendations.)

You've just delivered a persuasive report of findings that answers the questions every patient wants answered before beginning care.

When you're done, place this form along with your other report documents in the VIP Report Folder.

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