Examination Findings Form

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Sample of Completed Examination FormThis one page executive summary practically gives your report for you!

It keeps you on track and equips patients to recreate your explanations.

It includes the essential elements of effective patient reports:

  1. Use a red pen to increase the impact of your entries.
  2. Add the patient’s name, date and reason for beginning care.
  3. Check the exams you conducted and significant findings.
  4. List where you found the vertebral subluxations.
  5. Draw any postural distortions on the posterior illustration.
  6. Enter your initial care plan and any home care instructions.
  7. Schedule the proposed date of their first progress exam.

You’ve just delivered a compelling report of findings. Plus, you’ve avoided superfluous details and stayed on message.

  • Without exaggeration
  • Without compromise
  • Without selling

Place this and your other report documents in the VIP Report Folder.

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