Coronavirus Poster

Free Coronavirus Poster and Patient Handout

coronavirus.jpgCorona is dominating the 24-hour news cycle and has all the intrigue of bioterrisom, government censorship and of course the usual fear mongering from the media.

Sounds like the perfect opportunity to have a heart to heart with patients about their immune and nervous systems!

Remember, if germs automatically caused disease, the human race wouldn't be around to debate the issue. Many forget that Louis Pasteur, the father of the germ theory recanted his belief. On his deathbed he observed, "It's the soil, not the seed." In other words, without the right environment, germs can do little harm.

But we've chosen to withdraw the Covid-19 poster.

It was a document meant for internal use to stimulate patient conversations. But it's being used outside the practice--some think as a marketing ploy. Others see it as conflicting with the directive to shelter in place. Still others dispute that chiropractic care influences the immune system.

Thankfully we have many other chiropractic posters and wall charts to freshen up your practice. If you're unfamiliar with our work request a free catalog.

Stay safe. Be smart.