Connecting the Dots


The most recent installment in the "Rosetta Stone" needed to decode the motives and behaviors of today's patients. Reignite your passion and purpose. Get answers. Simplify your practice. Adapt to today’s changing practice environment. Complete your library today!

  • Why Patients Don’t Get It (page 29)
  • The Language of Wellness (page 25)
  • Getting In After You Get Out (page 37)
  • Chiropractic Bloodletting (page 101)
  • The Biggest Lie in Chiropractic (page 125)
  • Breaking The Rules (page 155)
  • The Embarrassing Subluxation (page 159)

Connecting the Dots
The Unconventional Observations of a Chiropractic Advocate
Foreword by David Chapman-Smith
Introduction by Patrick Gentempo, Jr., DC
Originally published 2005
240 Pages

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Crisis and opportunity…a seeming constant in the chiropractic profession. There are so many issues with which to wrestle both individually and collectively as an industry. I have spent decades in an attempt to bring these issues to light first in my own mind and then for the thousands in audiences I present to each year. All this in an attempt to "connect the dots."

When a person I respect and admire, Bill Esteb asked me to review his latest book and write the introduction, I was flattered and curious. You see, Bill has already written so many books. "Is he just rehashing more patient communication stuff?" It is, after all, what he is known for and with all he has written, what more could he possibly have to say?

More than I ever could have imagined.

The spectrum of topics addressed in Connecting the Dots is mind-boggling. I have read Bill's previous books and this one demonstrates a maturity in thinking and understanding that leads me to believe that this author has become (in a good way) possessed. I have always contended that at the basis of spiritual and material success in life is a clear and foundational philosophy. This book does a brilliant job of laying this out. I have been passionate about the politics of chiropractic – yep it ties that in too. Having congruent procedures in your practice that are relevant to the culture as it exists today is a must! Uh huh, it shines in this book. A soulful search for the meaning of a chiropractic existence is a constant quest – your soul will be shaped by the words on these pages.

The melodic metaphors Bill spins here, are in my mind, a form of chiropractic poetry (and many times comedy). The dots in this work are connected in a vitalistic way. Concepts and analogies like "don't limit your interventions to the five senses," "MD-lite," "chiropractic philosophy is not a buffet," tuning into surround sound rather than the "mono AM" experience. Brilliant.

You may not agree with everything that is written here, I don't. But one will certainly be led through these writings to do that #1 most important thing – THINK! Think about what you do, why you do it, clarify your objectives, find meaning in your work and find meaning in your life.

This book does something that I have attempted to do for my whole career – break the hypnotic dogma that exists within our profession. As you go through the concepts herein, do so with a pen and paper. Don't just read, digest and process. By connecting the dots of this book to the way you live your life, a new path will emerge that leads to much higher ground. Enjoy!

Patrick Gentempo, Jr., D.C.
Chiropractic Leadership Alliance/Creating Wellness Alliance
Mahwah, NJ