CLA Scanning Postcard

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Chiropractic reactivation postcard for CLA doctors who have recently acquired the Subluxation Station.

If you've recently added sEMG-scanning technology to your practice, use this reactivation postcard to invite patients in for a scan.

It's the perfect excuse to invite them back. Show off your technology and update your patient records.

Many inactive patients are merely waiting for an invitation to return.

The stock message makes a compelling offer:

The quality of our lives is directly related to how well our nervous system works. Since we saw you last, we've added scanning technology that helps objectively measure the health of your nervous system. Safe, non-invasive nervous system scans reveal patterns of subluxation and documents your recovery. Schedule a scan today.

You may want us to imprint a custom message, coupon or reactivation offer.

Check out the other patient communication resources for your Subluxation Station.

CLA Scan Reactivation Postcard
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