Chiropractic Paperwork

A Paperwork System That Increases Reimbursement and Peace of Mind

The Paperwork Project is a simple, low-tech documentation solution, personalized for your practice. It takes patients from initial intake to lifetime maintenance care. See the entire system at

Increased Reimbursement – Down coding won't let you "slip under the radar." In fact, what you're leaving on the table will pay for the paperwork system in a matter of weeks, maybe days.

Say Goodbye to Travel Cards – Still using a travel card? You're living on borrowed time. There's no way to capture the necessary information on a 1990s era travel card. No way.

Improves Your Compliance – After watching the training videos, use the integrated system and see how each form helps you to dot every i and cross every t. Abandon your rag tag hand-me-down forms.

End Medical Necessity Denials – Denials are frequently the result of chiropractors not collecting sufficient information to justify their care plans. Confidently submit bulletproof documentation.

Face Audits With Confidence – Count on being audited. But keep every penny you've earned by presenting an airtight case that justifies every clinical decision and every aspect of your treatment plan.

The other chiropractic forms you need are used at your report of findings. Select the ones that will best help you communicate your clinical findings and care recommendations.