Chiropractic Paperwork and Intake Forms

clipboard2.jpgChiropractic forms and chiropractic exam forms are here!

We appreciate your interest in the intake forms, health history forms (with ADL), SOAP notes and other documents that are essential for running a successful chiropractic practice. Getting your documentation right is more critical than ever.

Consult our sister website ( for chiropractic new patient forms that will improve reimbursement, assure compliance and reduce medical necessity denials. Plus, the catalog article Do You Make These 5 Documentation Mistakes.

Chiropractic Intake and History Forms

Most chiropractors do not obtain the essential information necessary for submitting to insurance companies and Medicare. Many are living on borrowed time, using a multi-visit travel card! Oh, you may be getting paid, but it doesn't mean you're compliant! In fact, when exposed to closer inspection during post-review audits, many chiropractors discover (too late) glaring oversights in their information gathering, forcing them to return potentially thousands of dollars.

The Paperwork System gives you peace of mind. Compliant with meaningful use requirments, use our Health History Inake Form if you already have an EHR software solution.

Chiropractic Exam Forms

If you base your procedures on hearsay and third-handed information, you may overlook the recording of a proper diagnosis and the creation and submission of a treatment plan congruent with the interests of insurance carriers and Medicare. Our forms package will not only supply the proper exam and re-exam forms, but provide the essential training for you and your staff to be in compliance.

filing.jpgChiropractic SOAP Notes

While little can be done about the poor record keeping and missing information from the past, the forms contained in our system will help create bulletproof documentation, improving insurance reimbursement and peace of mind. Our SOAP note form is fast and easy to use, while fulfilling your documentation obligations. Learn why using a travel card is so last century!

Chiropractic New Patient Forms

If you’re one of the many practices that have the habit of doling out once-a-month Medicare visits, and never officially closing a case, you’ll especially benefit from the "headspace" contained in our training materials. Otherwise you have "audit me" written all over your claims.

Unique Forms From a Unique Collaboration

In development for over two years, Kathy Mills Chang and William Esteb have joined forces to create patient-centric chiropractic intake forms, exam forms and the essential elements of a comprehensive forms system. Their combined experience and rigorous attention to detail will bring simplicity to the chaos of your insurance department and a sense of ease from the rampant uncertainty surrounding documentation, coding and reporting procedures.

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