Monday Morning Motivation | Respond Rather Than React

Posted by Bill Esteb on Oct 24th 2020

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Many focus on the "doing" of chiropractic. Say this. Do this. Never do that. Use this. Don't say that! Always include this.

As if you were solely responsible for delivering the outcome the patient is seeking by consulting your practice. As if they were merely a lump which you are obliged to make something with.

However, chiropractic, if anything, is a partnership. It's tempting to show up as the hero. It's seductive. And medical.

Instead, being still, receptive and available is overlooked and underrated. Yet the best healers are often those of the fewest words. Without the obligation to do this or that, they can respond rather than react. Big difference. It creates possibilities for insights that others miss in their haste to execute a recipe.

Which is related to tempo. Slow down. There's nowhere to get to. Because you're already there.

Turns out, these are the good old days.

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Bill Esteb has been a chiropractic patient and advocate since 1981. He is the creative director of Patient Media and the co-founder of Perfect Patients. He’s been a regular speaker at Parker Seminars and other chiropractic gatherings since 1985. He is the author of 12 books that explore the doctor/patient relationship from a patient’s point of view. His chiropractic blog, in-office consultations, patient focus groups and consulting calls have helped hundreds of chiropractors around the world. His Monday Morning Motivation is emailed to over 10,000 subscribers each week.