Monday Morning Motivation | Report of Findings Part 1

Posted by Bill Esteb on Jul 17th 2021

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Moment of truth 7 of 13: your report of findings.

Amazingly, there are chiropractors who don't give a formal report of findings. So, it's no surprise that when the chiropractor takes things rather casually, patients do as well.

In a world dominated by a germ- and blood-based health care system, introducing patients to a nerve-based model is worth the effort.

A great outline to guide your report is the four-question model that Dr. Markson advanced:

What's wrong?
Can chiropractic help?
How long will it take?
How much will it cost?

The art is linking your findings to what patients want to do, but can't, because of their condition.

"…which means you can't fully rotate your hips when you're golfing."
"…this is probably why you can't sit for very long without discomfort."
"…which reveals that you've likely had this problem for some time."

Turn data into information. Become a meaning maker.

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