10 Chiropractic Gifts Your Chiropractor Will Love

Posted by Bill Esteb on Aug 29th 2020

Chiropractor graduate

There are many occasions in which chiropractor gifts are in order. Maybe you're the proud parent or friend of a new chiropractic graduate. Or a chiropractic assistant who wants to gift something special to her boss for Christmas or practice anniversary.

There are lots of gift choices that have a chiropractic theme. Here are 10 gift ideas:

1. Chiropractic Mug – Many are available with a chiropractic slogan ("I crack people up left and right") or simply in the shape of a large lumbar vertebra.

2. Chiropractic T-shirt – These come with an illustration of a human spine or chiropractic saying. Popular now is "I'm a Chiropractor. What's Your Superpower?"

3. Chiropractor Pillow – Some are available with the definition of a chiropractor or a chiropractic quote.

4. Chiropractic Business Cardholder
– Great accessory for the desk of a chiropractor.

5. Chiropractic Sign – For those with reserved parking spots: "Reserved Parking for Chiropractors Only. Violators Will Be Re-adjusted."

6. Chiropractic Necktie – These are available with chiropractic-themed images such as vertebra, caduceus and hands arranged in a classic pisiform.

7. Chiropractic Wall Art – Among the more popular wall graphics are quotes from B. J. Palmer such as "The power that made the body, heals the body."

8. Chiropractic Plaque – Chiropractic quotes are popular. As is "Keep Calm and Get Adjusted," based on the British motivational poster from 1939.

9. Chiropractic Pen and Pencil Set – Pretty ordinary gift. But you could spice it up by having the chiropractor's name engraved on it.

10. Chiropractic Key Fob – There are two popular designs. One features the Atlas (the uppermost vertebra of the spine) or an entire miniature spine.

These are inexpensive chiropractic gifts. Novelties. Granted, "It's the thought that counts." But they're mostly frivolous. Dust collectors. Obligatory. They're quickly forgotten. Worse, they reveal how little thought you put into the gift. Especially since most of these items can be easily obtained a virtually any chiropractic college bookstore.

Gifts like these for chiropractors are a poor substitute for what a newly minted chiropractor really, really, really wants: new patients.

And while you can't necessarily gift your chiropractor son or daughter new patients, you can do the next best thing. You can give your chiropractor the tools, resources and headspace essential for successful practice. You can provide patient communication materials used to attract new patients and enhance the referral process.

Here are 10 popular chiropractor gift ideas from Patient Media that your new graduate will appreciate—not just now, but for years to come:

1. 5" Safety Pin ($15) – Hung from a belt loop, purse strap or key chain, this 5-inch safety pin is the perfect visual aid to illustrate the "safety pin cycle."

2. Your Spine and Nervous System brochures ($20) – This unusual brochure fits in a typical brochure rack but unfolds to a life-size human spine. Perfect for reports, school programs and health lectures. Package of 50.

3. Thank God It's Monday ($29.95) – This book is a collection of the best Monday Morning Motivation messages broadcast since 1999. These short messages capture the wisdom essential to a successful practice—from a patient's point of view. 240 pages.

4. "Recalculating!" ($29.95) – "Recalculating!" contains thought-provoking observations about the inner game of chiropractic. These practical insights provide a Rosetta Stone for decoding patient motives, behaviors and habits. 240 pages.

5. 50 Patient Letters ($30) – These 50 pre-written patient letter templates cover collections, referrals, reactivations and other vital topics that every chiropractor needs. Simply copy. Edit. Format. Print. Sign. Mail.

6. 50 Patient Emails ($30) – Here are 50 essential patient e-mails, written and ready to send. Complete with "open me" subject lines to get your e-mails read. Get insights into e-mail readability, how to avoid spam traps, e-mail fatigue and more. Digital download.

7. Being On Purpose ($45) – Chiropractors learn how and when to deliver chiropractic adjustments. Many think their purpose is to adjust patients. It's not. Adjusting helps advance or pursue their purpose. One hour.

8. VIP Report of Findings Starter Set ($129) – The report of findings is the most important patient communication. We've bundled the most important patient reporting documents into a money-saving package. 50 patients.

9. Brochure Starter Set ($285) – These 18 titles cover the essential topics to properly outfit a chiropractor's brochure rack. Used by the busiest, referral-based practices around the world. Packages of 50 brochures.

10. Gift Certificate – ($25 - ) Available in any denomination you wish. Equip your new graduate to conduct a shopping spree to outfit their new practice.

There you have it. 10 chiropractic gifts that lean toward the novelty side of things. And 10 gifts for chiropractors that can equip the chiropractor in your life to be more successful!