ChiroHealthTips FAQ

Q: How do you bill for the service?

A: Part of the set up process is supplying a credit or debit card, which will be used for your monthly subscription, plus any additional patients above the 20 patients covered by your monthly subscription.

Q: How is the monthly cost determined?

A: Until you have over 20 patients enrolled, each month your card will be debited $20. From your 21st patient and beyond you'll be billed $1 each month for each patient who remains opted-in.

Q: Do I have to sign a contract?

A: No. Our service is month to month.

Q: Can patients opt out?

A: Of course. Their first message explains how by simply replying to any of the texts with the word STOP. Our job is to keep the messages relevant and interesting so they don’t.

Q: Can I opt patients out?

A: Yes. Many practices set a monthly texting budget. As it is reached they supply us a list of phone numbers of inactive patients whom we opt out, freeing up budget for additional new patients.

Q: Can you bulk upload a list of my patient’s mobile numbers?

A: No. Enrolling patients without their permission contravenes Telephone Consumer Protection Act. It’s best when patients enroll themselves as part of your new patient onboarding process.

Q: If a patient replies to one of the texts, what happens?

A: This account is not monitored. When enrolling patients remind them that you will not be monitoring the account and that they should call the practice with questions or comments.

Q: How long does the curriculum last?

A: As long as you wish. Your account comes pre-loaded with a one-year curriculum which can be automatically extended.

Q: Do the text messages mention vertebral subluxation?

A: Not specifically, although the messages have a nervous system focus congruent with other Patient Media materials. Our curriculum avoids the use of the word “treat” or “treatment” and unabashedly encourages wellness chiropractic care.

Review the entire curriculum here.

Q: Do you offer this service in other countries?

A: Currently ChiroHealthTips is only available in the United States. (Canada coming soon.) Express your interest for when ChiroHealthTips becomes available internationally.

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