Educate Patients By Texting Their Smartphone

texting-patient.jpgTexting isn’t new, but using it for a patient education is!

ChiroHealthTips give your practice visibility between visits, greater patient understanding and deeper engagement.

New patients receive daily messages for a week. Then every other day. Then every third day. Until once a week. For a year.

These are carefully targeted messages that educate, inspire, encourage and stimulate referrals.

How ChiroHealthTips Works

1. Begin your $20 monthly subscription to reserve your unique keyword and your first 20 patient enrollments.

2. As new patients begin care, have them enroll themselves on their phone, texting your unique keyword to 474747. Suggested scripting

That's all there is to it. We do all the rest.

Precisely Timed Messages

Unlike emails, text messages have a 98% open rate—and are typically read within 5 seconds of being received.

Plus, many patients have unlimited texting plans and often prefer texting to other types of communication.

Each message is written by William Esteb. Review the year-long curriculum here.


ChiroHealthTips keeps you and your practice front and center.

And since patients can opt out whenever they wish (or you can opt them out), we've made sure each message is relevant and practical.

You’ll Know ChiroHealthTips is Working

Practices enrolled in this unique drip campaign report three measurable benefits:

1. Fewer missed visits – While ChiroHealthTips is not an appointment reminder service, getting texts from your practice improves top-of-mind awareness, producing more kept appointments.

2. Better patient questions – These short messages get patients thinking. The comments that patients make during their visits are proof that key chiropractic principles are getting through.

3. Improved patient retention – As patients learn the whole body health implications of chiropractic, they tend to remain under care longer.

Enroll Your Practice in ChiroHealthTips Now

ChiroHealthTips is the contemporary way to communicate chiropractic, share natural health concepts and deepen patient engagement.

Plus, ChiroHealthTips is affordable. At $1 per month per patient, it's an affordable way to keep your practice front and center--improving retention and stimulating referrals. There's no contract, so you can discontinue at any time.

Call Patient Media to enroll your practice: (800) 486-2337

Frequently asked questions

Get a free 30-day preview for you and your team by texting the word Atlas to 474747. (Msg&data rates may apply. To unsubscribe reply: STOP)