Monday Morning Motivation | Why Educate Patients?

Posted by Bill Esteb on Apr 7th 2019

It's unlikely that you can "educate" patients into valuing their health.

You can shame them. Guilt them. Or manipulate them. But traditional patient education lacks the power to cause patients to reprioritize the value they place on their health.

This assertion probably won't stop you from trying, but there's little evidence to support the common belief that "If patients knew what you knew they would do what you do." There is a huge gap between knowing and doing. (Most of us know we should floss our teeth, but less than half of us do.)

The purpose of patient education isn't to spawn another chiropractor, but rather to:

  • Explain how chiropractic differs from medicine.
  • Supply a new meaning for their symptoms.
  • Provide context for your intervention
  • Set appropriate expectations.
  • Build trust and create ease
  • Remind you of your mission.
  • Equip patients to refer others.

Effective patient education improves just about everything.