Monday Morning Motivation | Why Educate Patients?

Posted by Bill Esteb on Feb 24th 2019

"If many patients place a low value on their health do I still need to do some type of patient education?"

Of course.

Your patient education overtures aren't designed to turn patients into chiropractors, but rather to advance three other important objectives:

Set appropriate expectations – Since you rely on arousing their ability to self heal, your patient education should clearly explain this and how chiropractic care is a partnership with shared responsibilities.

Give new meaning to their symptoms – Most patients think their pain or most obvious symptom is their problem. It rarely is. Not to reduce the importance of empathy, your patient education should give greater context to what their symptoms actually mean.

Lay the groundwork for their reactivation – Since many patients see their spinal problem like an infection or some other self-limiting condition, your patient education should explain the likelihood of a relapse and the value of regular care.