Monday Morning Motivation | Three Ways to Increase Income

Posted by Bill Esteb on Mar 9th 2019

Want to pocket more money? There are three ways. Each has its pros and cons.

See more patients - This is the traditional approach. But most increases are temporary because the practitioner's mindset doesn't change. Unwilling to shorten adjusting times, reduce socialization or believing that doing more and taking longer produce better results are common barriers.

Offer more services - This is often the rationale behind adding nutrition, orthotics, massage, laser, rehab and other adjunctive procedures. However, these add complexity, confuse patients and with increased overhead, rarely yield a measurable increase in income.

Raise your fees - This is probably the swiftest way to increase your income. In most practices a price rise is long overdue. Probably due to the fear that raising prices will cause patients to discontinue care. Or seek cheaper care elsewhere. Unlikely. Are your patient relationships that fragile?

Prepare by better linking what you do to what they want.