Monday Morning Motivation | Ass U Me

Posted by Bill Esteb on Feb 4th 2018

William D Esteb

It's been said that when you “assume” you make an "ass" out of "u" and "me."

Making assumptions, especially at your patient precare interview (or any other time), are not only frequently incorrect, they are a lazy man's form of shorthand that minimizes the other person. As in, "I think I already know your story so let's cut to the chase and get on with it."

Congratulations. You've just marginalized the last two years of their life, brushed over their threatened surgery, the bankruptcy they barely escaped and even the suicide they contemplated.

While these issues may not change your care plan or your adjusting approach, it reduced them to mere spines. Your consultation became transactional rather than transformational.

I'm the poster child for making assumptions. I should know better. I should be more considerate. I should be more respectful of others. And some day I assume I will be.