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Monday Morning Motivation | Have To or Want To?

Posted by Bill Esteb on Oct 17th 2018

You and I share something in common. We are going to die. It's probably one of the last taboo topics. And yet it's inevitable. You can count on it.Yet we live each day as if we are automatically … read more

The Purpose of Chiropractic Patient Education

Posted by Bill Esteb on Oct 10th 2018

Many chiropractors subscribe to the incorrect belief that “if patients knew what you knew, they would do what you do.” The operative hallucination is that, if patients knew the devastating eff … read more

Monday Morning Motivation | Clear Boundaries

Posted by Bill Esteb on Sep 26th 2018

Clear boundaries are essential for success. Without clearly defined (and agreed upon) responsibilities you may be seduced into accepting the burden of relieving a patient’s ache or pain. The pra … read more