Birds of a Feather Postcard

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This chiropractic referral postcard has generated new patient referrals for countless chiropractors. Its success is based on a timeless principle worth remembering: he who asks, gets.

First, identify your ideal patients. These are those special active and inactive patients that you'd like your practice to be filled with.

Then, once a year (on your practice anniversary?) compliment them while dropping the hint for a referral with this chiropractic postcard.

It's a professional request that lets your favorite patients know that you're accepting new patients. Besides the new patients, expect a reactivation or two.

We can imprint your personal referral request or use our time-tested stock message:

Since "birds of a feather flock together," people you like are probably people we would like, too. Will you help us help more people like you? If you know someone you think could benefit from our care we hope you'll have the confidence to send them our way.

Adding a quick handwritten personal message can increase the impact of your referral postcard. Here are some ideas.

Birds of a Feather
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