Beyond Results


In his third installment, Mr. Esteb explores chiropractic care beyond the symptomatic results most patients expect. Discover ways to validate patients, provide extraordinary care, the three questions you should ask on your admitting form, and how to get staff members to invest their "discretionary energy" in the practice. Fascinating insights in 43 easy-to-read chapters.

  • Seven ways to pick a good chiropractor (page 13)
  • Providing extraordinary care (page 51)
  • Three admitting paperwork questions (page 71)
  • Finding a practice mentor (page 119)
  • Mastering the progress report (149)
  • Motivating staff (page 171)
  • Ingredients of an office brochure (page 207)

Beyond Results
Still More Observations of a Chiropractic Advocate
Foreword by John T. Whitney, DC
Introduction by Mark Victor Hanson
Originally published 1995
240 Pages

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Want great results? Take ownership of these ideas and you'll get perpetually multiplying, omni-beneficial results. William D. Esteb is brilliant, insightful, eloquent, articulate, and offers chiropractors instantly useful ideas. I love, respect, admire, and appreciate this great man. His thinking and writing will influence chiropractic into the 21st century.

Esteb is the chiropractor's metaphorologist. A great metaphor states that the wine drank like liquid silk. Bill's writing is like liquid silk. It invites, provokes, captivates and creates new spaces of possibility.

Bill is a verbal artist painting a provocative new picture of the chiropractic profession. He will help you wake up to tomorrow, instead of being stuck in yesterday. Many doctors are whispering about memories of yesteryear. Bill wisely teaches that tomorrow is where the action is. Let's create it to be lavishly entreating, magnificently enticing, and omni-interesting. The future is the outpicturing of our current ideas.

I invite you to allow him to gently take your hand, guide your mind, and uplift your spirit to become all you can be in chiropractic and in life. Enjoy reading, digesting, and pondering my result-stimulating friend, William D. Esteb.

Dr. Mark Victor Hansen
Author of Chicken Soup for the Soul and Dare to Win
Newport Beach, CA