Being On Purpose Download


This is the audio download of our popular Being on Purpose CD. If you don't need the actual CD, but need to uncover your unique purpose, get ready for greater clarity and focus.

What is Your Mission?

The biggest mistake? Thinking that adjusting patients is your purpose. Certainly adjusting helps fulfill or advance your purpose—but it’s not your purpose. That just reduces you to a meat computer. Do you know what your purpose is?

Uncover Your True Mission, Vision and Purpose

Being On Purpose is an interactive, one-hour workshop that reacquaints you with your true purpose. Without a clearly articulated purpose statement, you lack the “North Star” necessary for high levels of certainty and decisiveness. Without a clearly defined purpose, you fall prey to the two most common causes of under performing practices: procrastination and opportunity chasing.

The Five Parts of a Purpose Statement

Listen through the entire program. Then, clear some time, get a pad and pencil and follow along, stopping the program and doing the interactive exercises. Allow Bill Esteb to coach you through the entire process, brainstorming all five parts: your what, how, who, why and result of being in practice. Your final “statement of purpose” will be uniquely yours.

Living Someone Else's Purpose?

If you have a store bought mission statement from a seminar (helping as many people as possible, blah-blah-blah), or you’ve neglected to create an enduring benchmark to guide your practice, you’re missing the “juice” that fuels today's busiest practices.

The only way to be on purpose is to have a purpose and to know your purpose. Act now. Your practice is waiting. Your staff is waiting. And your future is waiting.

Being On Purpose
48-minute Audio Download