Astonishing Dr. You Patient Lecture


Our popular 48-page booklet has been turned into a compelling chiropractic patient lecture. The 31 slides capture the essential principles and provide a great opportunity to personalize your presentation. (Review all 31 slides below.)

Naturally, you’ll need the easy-to-use Microsoft PowerPoint program to edit and present your lecture. (If you have Apple's Keynote, it can convert the .ppt file you receive into a .key file for editing and presentation.)

On the data CD you’ll get the PowerPoint slide deck plus suggested scripting that takes you from “Good evening ladies and gentlemen” to your final call to action at the end of your presentation.

Plus, you’ll get three audience participation skits and one of our 5” safety pins that brings the safety pin cycle to life.

All that’s needed is you and the desire to move an audience to a greater appreciation of the finest doctor on the planet… The Astonishing Dr. You.

Like all Patient Media products, buy with confidence with our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Astonishing Dr You Patient Lecture
PowerPoint data file on CD
Includes script, skits and prop