A Patient's Point of View


The opening volley in the "patient's point of view" series, this is Mr. Esteb's first idea-packed book. It has been required reading at many chiropractic colleges. It covers everything from shaping a patient's first visit experience and motivating staff members, to attracting more "ideal" patients and turning patients into chiropractic "clients." Includes 43 eye-opening, bite-sized chapters.

  • Five ways to motivate today's new patient (page 20)
  • Four ways to make your office more accessible (page 38)
  • Six things patients expect on their first visit (page 54)
  • Three reasons patients don't comply (page 114)
  • Why patients don't refer--and what to do about it (page 171)
  • Why it takes more than great results (page 199)

A Patient's Point of View
Observations of a Chiropractic Advocate
Foreword by James R. Milliron, DC
Introduction by Will Tickel, DC
Originally published in 1992
240 Pages

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If you’ve been at chiropractic for a while and venture into Bill Esteb’s book, be prepared to spend. Time, money, and energy will beg for your attention when you compare your present place with the vision Bill is suggesting here. If you’ve been in the practice of the science, philosophy, and art of chiropractic for any time at all, you will find little difficulty in appreciating and implement the things which chiropractic advocate Esteb recommends.

If, on the other hand, you are new in practice or new to the vision of a safer, sounder world arrived at through the deductive thought and understanding of chiropractic, you might wonder, “What more does this guy want from me?” It is for you, who find this book overwhelming, that this introduction is written.

There is no doubt that should you find this book discouraging in any way it is because you do not have the vision or it has grown fuzzy. Maybe you’re the scientists who says, “Results speak for themselves.” And they might, but results along do not carry others over the threshold into your office or the offices of other chiropractors.

Results are what patients and insurance companies pay for, and expect. What does it take to urge patients to refer others? Knowledge, excitement, understanding, being cared for, love, appreciation, and approval are but a few. Get the idea? You cannot leave one stone unturned in your quest to establish a place of healing where all will continue to feel welcome and equipped to tell others.

Where are you? Established, entrenched, and excited? Grown stale and contemplating getting out? In pursuit of the D.C. degree or anticipating your grand opening? No matter! You’ll find plenty of fuel for the fire within this book by chiropractic advocate and friend Bill Esteb. Get going!

Will Tickel, D.C.
Mt. Adams, IL