290 Chiropractic Poster


From across your reception room it’s merely a couple of prescription bottles and some pills. 

"What’s a prescription bottle doing in a chiropractic office?" a patient might wonder. Drawing nearer they see that each pill has a face on it. Now that she's near enough, she can read the caption along the bottom: "Every day in the United States 290 people die from the adverse reactions to prescription drugs. Thanks for wisely choosing safe and natural chiropractic care."


Too powerful? Maybe. But do you have the luxury of beating around the bush? Ready to take a stand? Ready to depict drug therapy for the risky "alternative" it really is?

By the way, what is an adverse reaction? It's when the dosage and everything else is correctly administered, but the patient dies instead. (Mistakes are an entirely different and larger problem!)

This isn't about being anti-medicine. This is about helping patients appreciate how safe chiropractic actually is.

Annotate this poster for even more impact!

(JAMA 1998:279;1200-1205, 1216-1217)

290 Chiropractic Poster
18" X 24"